Online Help

Object Mode

Use this mode to arrange your room.

To load an object, switch to the desired category in the Object Catalog (below) and place objects in your room per Drag & Drop. During this action, useable areas will be colored green. If an object cannot be placed on a surface (for example, a ceiling light on a wall or on the floor) the area will be marked in red.

Load Objects

    Load an object from the catalog into the 3D scene.

A simple click on an item in the catalog will display detailed information before it is loaded in the sidebar. Windows and doors will be placed on the wall as well as other objects. Design your space with wallpaper or flooring using ⇒ Planes Mode.

Navigation in the 3D View

  Move and Turn
W/S Zoom
A/D move sideways
B ↑ Page ↑: upward movement
B ↓ Page ↓: downward movement
C Pan the camera to selection

User Interface

F6 Hide/Show Object Catalog
F7 Hide/Show Sidebar
F12 Hide/Show Header