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Observe the 3D scene from different camera viewpoints.

The angle will be adjusted according to how you move in the 3D scene.

  Free Camera- move freely about
  Person Camera - view from pedestrian level at a fixed viewing height
  Satellite Camera - Observe the scene from above with a fixed viewing angle
  Reset return to original camera position

Navigation in the 3D View

  Move and Turn
W/S Zoom
A/D move sideways
B ↑ Page ↑: upward movement
B ↓ Page ↓: downward movement
C Pan the camera to selection
Spacebar hold down to look around with your mouse

Notice for Mac Users

It is also possible to activate the right mouse button.

Go to System Setting > Mouse > Display and Click and check the box marked Secondary Click and choose the appropriate for right-handed or left-handed users. For all actions performed with the right mouse button, roomeon software provides alternatives for Mac Users. More information can be found in the Help section.