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Do I have to register to use roomeon?

You can start using roomeon as “Guest”, without any obligation. When logging into the software, simply select the button “Login as guest”. To be able to save projects, a free registration is required. It is also possible to register during room planning.

Is Roomeon really free?

Yes, registration and private use of roomeon are totally free, no questions asked. You have 10 slots available to save project plans.

How can I login with my Facebook account, without registering?

To do this, always use the blue “Login with Facebook” button below the Login input fields. Facebook will then ask you for authorization. After the confirmation you will automatically be logged in, as long as you are logged into Facebook. If you are not, Facebook will ask you to login, with a popup window.

How do I delete my roomeon account and my data?

Login at with your email address and password. Click on your user name under the menu item “community”; this will open a page on which you find the button “delete profile” in the right column. After following the steps specified there, all your personal data will be deleted! We would be happy if you give us a feedback, on how we might improve our service.
Do you have additional questions about data privacy?
We’ll gladly give you information, even via email, at

How and where can I delete saved projects?

On the website:
Click on your user name below the menu item “community”; this will open your profile page, where you can find all your saved projects including a button to delete.
In the 3D software:
Under “Menu > Project”, choose the option to show as a list (symbol at the upper right), mark a project and then click on the trashcan symbol below the list.

Floorplan & Walls

Do I have to close every wall chain?

In roomeon, a 3D room always consists of a closed chain of walls. If the wall chain was not created back to the starting point, the last wall piece will be calculated automatically when changing to the 3D mode.

How do I specify the wall thickness or the room height?

You can select the properties of a room’s walls in a sidebar, which is accessed over the tab “Floorplan Properties”.

How do I create the floorplan with exact measurements? Where can I input the exact measurements?

Please note that the floorplan mode has a grid to align the wall points. Choose a smaller grid size, or turn the grid off. However, the wall measurements can also be set manually: choose the selection tool to mark a wall polyline or one of the corner points, and change the measurements in the side bar under the tab “wall options”. Please note that in the wall options, the wall’s length is defined as the distance from center to center, while in the floorplan view, the wall’s inside dimension is used.

How can I zoom in the floorplan mode?

Use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out of the view. Using the arrow keys, or keeping the right mouse button or the spacebar pressed, will move the view.

Where do I find the scale in the floorplan mode?

The background grid provides different scale markings. The largest unit of the thickest lines corresponds to a meter. You can scale a model in the background to the ratio of the background grid, using the tool “Scale background image” with the scale specified in the template.

How can I specify the exact measure of angles?

Start by placing the corresponding angle roughly, then move the wall point of the next wall, to get the correct angle, using the angle display. For angles other than 45° and 90°, the grid align option should be turned off. Zoom in on your floorplan with the mouse wheel, to place the wall point with greater precision.
For complicated wall structures, it is recommended to place a model (JPG or PNG image file) in the background, and to trace the floorplan according to it.

Is it possible to draw the floorplan of multiple rooms or an entire floor?

Currently it is only possible to draw a closed chain of walls; therefore we don’t recommend planning multiple rooms. We are already working on expanding the 3D planning to various rooms in a project. You can do a rudimentary simulation of the room structure for various rooms using auxiliary objects such as partition walls (category “construction elements” in the object mode).

How can I position windows and doors?

In roomeon, windows and doors are placed in the 3D view – similar to furniture. Drag and drop a window or a door to the corresponding room; roomeon will then automatically create the hole in the wall. You can duplicate windows by keeping the ALT key pressed while moving them. Use the position display on the right, in the side bar, tab “Object options”, to place a window at an exact height from the floor or from the sides of the wall.

How can I design partition walls or half-height walls?

Currently, it is not yet possible to include partition walls or half-height walls, as part of the floorplan. However, in the category “building elements” you’ll find some auxiliary objects which you can use to raise partition walls by scaling the size of these objects.

How do I create sloping roofs or roof dormers?

Currently, sloping roofs can only be represented in roomeon by using and scaling sloping elements in the category “building elements”. Similarly, a roof dormer can be built by combining various elements and with the normal use of a window in the outer wall.

How can I create a hole in a wall?

You create a hole in the same way that you place a window in a wall, using drag and drop. The corresponding 3D object is also found in the “Windows” category. Depending on your needs, you can then scale the hole object to the desired size.

3D-Mode & Functions

How do I move around in the 3D scene?

The control is two-handed, similar to 3D games. Pressing the right mouse button you look around with your mouse. In this case, the mouse wheel works as zoom. Alternately, you can use the four arrow keys to pan the point of view. Using the WASD keys as controls, you move around in the room and you can move the camera forwards, backwards and sideways. To change the height of the camera position, you use the PageUp and PageDown keys. After selecting an object, you can automatically switch the view to the object by pressing the “C” key.

How do I change object sizes?

Change the size of windows and doors as well as normal 3D objects with the scaling tool (shortcut: “T”). You can specify exact values and measurements in the sidebar, under the tab object properties. Please note that initially, the dimensions (height, width and depth) are connected, that is, the object maintains its proportions when it is enlarged or reduced. You can break this connection by clicking on the lock symbol in the side bar, and then change individual dimensions.

How can I take a screenshot of my 3D view?

Use the camera button in the right part of the header (shortcut: Ctrl+P). You can now choose where on your computer you want to save the image file. For an improved presentation of your projects, you can attach these screenshots to the room project in the save dialog.

How can I change the objects’ colors and textures?

Currently, there is no option to arbitrarily change the objects’ colors and textures. You’ll often find various variations (materials/colors) of a product in the catalog, depending on the manufacturer’s offering. Simply click on the entry; this will show all variations. Place the desired variation on your scene as usual, using drag and drop.

Even though the Sun shines through the windows, my room is rather dark

Currently, sunlight doesn’t illuminate the entire room; rather, it is used to show the incident light with a spotlight, the way it would enter the window at different times of the day. Light the scene by adding various light sources, using the tool “light mode” on the right sidebar > light source.

How do I work with multiple light sources?

First, change to the light mode using the toolbar at the top. You will now see all light sources in the 3D space, and you can move them around as objects. Please note that moving objects into the depth of the 3D space depends on perspective. Therefore, it is recommended to change between people camera and satellite camera (view from above). You can change the height of a light source by pressing the Control key while simultaneously dragging the light object with the left mouse button. Under the tab “Light options” in the side bar, you can add new light sources or change settings related to light bulbs and colors. To do this, first choose a light source from the list or directly in the 3D scene, and then adapt its properties.

How do I disable the high-resolution view?

Select program settings, under Menu > Options. On the “Graphics” page you’ll find all the settings for your 3D view. In the advanced settings you can disable automatic redrawing – but you can still trigger it at any moment, by pressing the Enter key. Use this option, for example, when working with very complex projects.

Furniture and materials

I can’t find a specific product or piece of furniture in the catalog

We are constantly expanding our catalog with new products, and inform about new entries directly on the start page, after opening the program. Your suggestions about products, brands or merchants are welcome. We will be glad to include your wishes for improving our catalog!

How do my products get into roomeon?

We offer an attractive service offering to manufacturers, merchants and young designers, to make their products available in the 3D planner. If you have no CAD data available, or only rudimentary ones, roomeon can take over the modeling. Just contact us at , or register for a Professional Account.


I couldn’t save my project – are my changes lost?

No, roomeon saves your current project on your computer every 60 seconds. If you ever have problems (for example, with the Internet connection), you can restore the latest version of your project under Menu > Autosave. The autosave feature is only applicable to the last project you worked on.

The program crashes, what can I do?

For a fluid and high-quality 3D view, roomeon requires corresponding hardware. Modern computers, designed for multimedia use, are completely sufficient – it is especially important to have a high-quality graphic card that supports 3D applications. Unfortunately, it happens over and over again that the standard driver software provides wrong information about the graphic card’s capacity and functions. If you have problems with the 3D display, the first thing you should do is try to download an updated driver for your graphics card directly from the manufacturer and install it. You can find more details on the help page for graphic problems.

Why doesn’t roomeon show colors or materials?
I don’t see a photo-realistic view in my 3D scenes, why is this?

Please check whether your computer is equipped to display 3D applications. Some laptops and PCs only have a small onboard graphic chip instead of a graphic card, one that unfortunately can’t calculate high-quality 3D effects at all, or only at a very slow speed. If you can normally run other 3D games or programs well and the help on the page “Graphic problems” couldn’t solve the problem, we ask you to send your computer configuration (manufacturer, system, CPU, graphic card, RAM) to , so that we can help you.

Why does my antivirus program warn me when I start roomeon?

To use roomeon, the software requires access to an Internet connection, to be able to load your room projects, 3D models and websites saved online. Some virus and firewall programs have a very sensitive setting for this. Obviously only data that is absolutely essential for using roomeon will be exchanged.
Please confirm your virus program’s or firewall’s request to authorize the Internet connection.
Do you have additional questions about data privacy?
We will be glad to inform you, even via email, at

I use a proxy server for my internet connection, how do I set up roomeon for this?

Roomeon automatically uses your system’s proxy configuration. You don’t need any additional settings for this. In Windows, you can find the system-wide proxy settings under Control Panel > Internet Options > tab Connections > LAN settings. If you still have problems, please contact including information about your operating system and what network settings you use.